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Photos Sally James
Volunteers putting shelves together for the Trailer Library in the Park donated by Dupont

Left: Master Builder and Volunteer from Wilmore, KY
Right: Bill Carter putting shelves in place.
First set of Shelves are Up!
Stan Smith, of illinois, with Biloxi Volunteers worked a long-week moving books from old Library.
Some of the 17,000 books donated by the Texas Library Assoc. are unloaded for temporary storage.

Brian of Americorps Helping out while Jerry Selier pulls out 8,000 books donated by West Hampton, Mass.
Jen Shelving of TimberRidge stacks books along with Al Stumpf of Dupont.

Kentucky Volunteers become Shelf Constructors
as Irene Hodges works with Jan Delaune and volunteer Judy Boscaro.

Kentucky Ladies arrived by bus to work and take time for a photo.
The Library also dubs as a nightly Dormitory for Volunteers.
Evelyna and her Crew above, centered by Sally James,
worked a full week cleaning up Annie's Restaurant at Henderson Point.

Checks totaling $32,000 from Marco Islanders were dispensed to Pass Christian Library and Coast Episcopal School

Christmas in the Pass -- 2005

Santa arrives at the Park to a milling crowd estimated at 2000.
Including the locals, and many from along the Coast as well as Volunteers.

Tents were erected at the Park to offer food, beverages, and entertainment.

St. Paul Church Celebrations

Cameron James carries the Crucifix donated after "Camille" by his great grandparents
in memory of the Farrell Family.
Father Dennis Carver offering Homecoming Mass in October 2005

St. Paul Church -- Temporary Altar inside and Memorial out Front

Parish Buffet Dinner held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Jan 8, 2006 following Mass that was held at St Paul Church. Father Dennis is the Pastor of the newly formed "Holy Family Parish."

Police "Shoot-Out" -- Aug 29, 2005

There is a story about this intrigue that must be told by Sally!

More Photos will be posted from Sally James

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