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 "Free" Home Construction by Pass Rotarians and Menonites
Donations are still needed to continue providing free homes to the most needy. There are hundreds of new homes needed; and at present course, we will only reach a handful. This project is, by far, the most important endeavor our club has ever embarked upon in its 82 year history.

The Pass Christian Rotary is the only civic organization building free homes for Pass Christian's poor! The picture, taken 3/16, is of rebuilding Home # 1 (East Second Street); which broke ground on February 14. --- and Homes # 2 & 3 broke ground 3/15.
The Mennonite Disaster Team is providing free labor and expertise. They are incredible! Building supplies are purchased at a special discount; and Rotary International is providing a $1-for-$2 match. This is the most effective campaign available for stretching every dollar. There is zero overhead; zero non-building related expenses.
The Rotary Charitable Trust Fund is a long standing 501c3; for taxdeductible donations. It can be reached at P.O. Box 88 Pass Christian, MS 39571. You may also call me at 228-452-3773(h); or toll-free 800-333-2252(w) for more information.
Trey Campbell, President-Elect
Rotary Club of Pass Christian
P.O. Box 88
Pass Christian, MS 39571

The Rotary Club has teamed with the Mennonite Disaster Service to build homes for folks who are falling through the cracks of insurance and government grants. This is our greatest endeavor in the 82 year history of our local club. The Mennonites are providing free labor and construction expertise; Rotary is providing building materials and supplies.
Yesterday, some 70 people attended the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a new home for Mrs. Etta Dubuisson; on East Second Street (see attached).
Sadly, there are many more names than resources available.
Tax Deductible Donations may be sent to Rotary Charitable Trust Fund,
P.O. Box 88, Pass Christian, MS 39571 Memo: New Homes Project.
For more information, call me at 800-333-2252.
Rotary Club of Pass Christian
Trey Campbell
President Elect
From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 16:25:37 -0600
Subject: BSA Troop 316 - Pass Christian
Report on assistance to help our scout troop recover from Katrina.
Notable contributions:
Herndon, VA - Troop 1570, via Mr. Bob Gibson: Cash donation for Troop 316; plus replacement of all lost camping equipment.
DeKalb, IL Troop 33, Mr. Cliff Gordon: $ 500.00 cash donation.
Pass Christian, MS Dupont & Zachary Construction combined for $ 4,500.00 donation.
We are adjusting our aim for a replacement scout hut; which will cost tens of thousands.
Best Regards
Trey Campbell
Charter Sponsor Representative
Boy Scout Troop 316

Rotary sponsored Boy Scout Troop 316 is seeking donations to replace their stolen equipment trailer valued at over $ 4,000. Tax deductible donations may be made to Rotary Charitable Trust Fund (Memo Troop 316 Trailer) P.O. Box 88 Pass Christian, MS 39571 -- Further contact at 800-333-2252 for more information.
Troop 1570 from Herndon, VA. has pledged complete replacement of lost camping gear.
October 6,
Pass Christian Rotary Club held their first meeting since Hurricane Katrina at the Russell Service Station; downtown.
Lunch was bring your own.
Issues of interest:
Club President DH discussed what to do with significant donations being offered to the club; including coordinating labor
for Rotarians and others with volunteers. One project that was well received was helping the PC Library, replacing personal
teaching resources for teachers at PCPS, and the Boy Scout Troop.
Dayton Robinson mentioned that, at the Chamber meeting that morning, it was asked if Rotary would still do
Pass Christian Citizen of the Year. It was agreed that this WOULD still be held. Please forward your suggestions
For nomination from the club. A letter with rules and nomination form will be sent out as quickly as possible.
The 2005 Scholarship recipient, Aleigha Asmer met final qualifications by enrolling at USM in Forensic Science.
Holly sent the $ 1,000.00 payment.
The next Rotary Club meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 11th at Hancock Bank, downtown Pass Christian (not at the
park). We will serve grilled Pork Tenderloin, Vegetable and Bread.
Respectfully submitted,
Trey Campbell

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