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Thanks to our National Support
The Nation rallies in support of Pass Christian

     The City of Pass Christian and its citizenry are most grateful for the aid and support of all communities who have sent their first responders, the police and firemen, and national guardsmen and reserves, and church volunteers as well as the service organizations and individuals who responded in a time of crisis.
     We also give thanks to President Bush for his personal appearance at the Pass and for the many inroads made by Robin Roberts, by her several trips in person --- and through her additional personal persuasion to benefit her home town and for all Katrina victims.
     Months pass since Katrina made landfall on August 29, 2005, yet, most of the residents of the Pass are still inhabiting shelter outside of the City in neighboring and far away states -- never to see or be able to greet the responders of aid to their ravaged and destroyed town.  This page is dedicated to those communities and organizations to whom we give our heartfelt thanks.
     Some of these communities have performed vitally needed functions during the early days of the diaster and some communities are extending their efforts in ongoing support through the coming years of Recovery.
We thank each and everyone of you !

Some or listed below --- those that are enlarged and underlined have stories to tell.

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Florence, Oregon
Manteca, California

Little Miss Isabella adds her hand in the clean-up effort.
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