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Photos Recovery
Corps of Engineer officials said the amount of debris cleaned up in Pass Christian (as of Feb1, 2006) is equivalent to a football field filled with debris stacked as tall as the Empire State Building.  Federal recovery officials estimate the amount of debris in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties alone totals more than what was collected at the World Trade Center site after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Photos taken by Ron Daley showing Clean up processes and signs of further recovery by repairing or rebuilding homes and buildings.

February 16, 2006 Scenic Drive

Davis Avenue

Compass Rose Condominiums

February 14, 2006

The Rotary Club has teamed with the Mennonite Disaster Service to build homes for folks who are falling through the cracks of insurance and government grants. This is our greatest endeavor in the 82-year history of our local club. The Mennonites are providing free labor and construction expertise; Rotary is providing building materials and supplies. This site is Second and Saucier streets.

Left -- Kimball's clean-up. Right -- new foundation at E Scenic just west of Pirates Cove.

February 10, 2006

Billy Bourdin's and Martin Hardware on Davis

The Kalif's at left --- a lone trawler

February 3, 2006

Rebuilding the Pass --- One Step at a Time

The Blue Rose in repair both in and out ---

February 2, 2006

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