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Let's  Laugh
First with a True Story as posted by Samie who contributed a bunch of great photos including the Statue of Joseph that landed standing upright in her back yard.

Hi Dan:
There have been few things associated with all the devastation to laugh about, but I have to share this with you.
As you know, the statue from St. Paul Catholic Church rested in my back yard until my neighbor reported his whereabouts to the Priest.   Well, my neighbor, Skip, was going through the rubble and found Jesus. The actual Jesus statue from the church. --- and the Jesus statue made it slightly farther than Saint Joseph.  
Now follow this story ---

After finding the statue of Jesus, Skip goes in search of the Priest and when he finds him he exclaims, "Father, I found Jesus!"
The Priest says, "Oh, Skip, this is wonderful!  Everyone needs Jesus in their life."
"No," Skip says, "I mean --- I just found Jesus at my house!"
Still celebrating the glory, the Priest puts his hand on Skip's shoulder and tells him, "I don't doubt you. It's never to late to find Jesus, Skip."
Skip put his hands over his face, shakes his head and says, "No, you don't understand!  I found Jesus, the statue from the church.  He's in the rubble at my house.  He has a broke hand but other than that, he's in pretty good shape....come get'em"

When Skip came back and told me this, I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face. Maybe it was the way he told it or perhaps the expression on his face, which he demonstrated, when he realized he was being misunderstood, but I thought it was hilarious.
He said that Father Dennis told him he had to share this story at his next service.


(from the Sound of Music)

Water is swarming with verminous species
Elegant swimming pools teeming with feces
The rash on my haunches are starting to sting ...
These are things that Katrina brings

Casinos on beaches and trees without branches
New Orleans got flooded--what were the chances?
Buses were promised but never appeared
Things got much worse than we ever had feared

When the mold grows
When the bugs bite,
When the fridge smells bad
I simply remember my favorite things
Then, FEMA don't seem so bad

Houses are burning and levees are breeching
Into my living room sewage is seeping
Horrible odors a waft in the breeze
Hoping I don't catch a dreadful disease

Helicopters flying and criminals shooting
I called the police ... but they're too busy looting
National Guard troops are all over town
Why did it take Bush two weeks to dump Brown?

First the roof leaked
Then the dome reeked
Damn, the fridge smells bad!
New Orleans is covered in green, purple and gold
No, it's not Mardi Gras ... it's  bayou MOLD!

Boats on the rooftops and lawns full of branches
Presidents hiding on big Texas ranches
Blue tarps on houses as far as I see ...
My favorite things are Katrina debris!

Saving New Orleans

Fully stocked Katrina Victims

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