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Photos Rebuilding
Ron Daley has been taking photos before and since Katrina.

Menonites at Work in the Pass

Memorial Park Showers

Action on the Home Front

Action at the Harbor Marina

Action on Malini's Bayou at Anchorage Harbor in Henderson Point

May 23 North Street Photos of new businesses -- Kafe Katrina and Dollar General

As of Sunday, May 20 3pm
The Rafferty Building, now the Exhange Bldg, housed the Plantation Cafe which was  a great favorite of locals through the years --- Reaches its end destiny by being razed.

Gazebo on the Move

Martin's Hardware on the Move

Who will rebuild on Pass Christian's most Historic Site
May 1, 2006 Miramar Hotel --- former Pass Christian Hotel site --- 1831

Henderson Point Photos -- March 11, 2006
Annie's above -- Bay Bridge below

Inn by the Sea site and dusk scenes

February 1, Mexican Restaurant Lucio's Gone
On the Same Davis Ave location, the Mexican Gulf hotel burned down in 1917
Click on below:

January 14, 2006 -- signs of Clean-up and slow repairs.
Blue Rose and Compass Rose
Clarence Ave and St Louis from Clarence
Hiern at the RR and West Scenic
St. Paul from Second St and Mother of Mercy at RR
Handy & Saucier streets --- Hugh Griffon at home
Struggling Live Oaks along Hwy 90

Dec 31 New Year's Eve trip to the Bay Bridges with Tom Pickich
Railroad Bridge

The Isles and Henderson Pt

Volunteers at the Harbor Celebrating New Years Eve

December 16, 2005 Photos

Culverts dug up and replaced --- Hillyer House having roof repais --- Volunteers and Supplies rolling stock
West of Miramar --- A busy New Downtown PC (at the Park) --- Harbor Pelicans

December 17, 2005
From the Beach ---- Temp PC Yacht Club west of Market St ---- Tigre's Chef Thomas (Baton Rouge location opened)

Dec. 22 Photos -- some cleanup apparent
Hwy90 --- Harbor --- moored boats facing Blue Rose
Second and Fleitas --- Second at the Park --- Park businesses
Pirates Cove Menu offerings --- Lining up for PoBoys --- James and Hansons

Dec. 23 Sights and Scenes

Dec 29, 2005
Three Mayors -- McDonald, Lawyer, Saucier
Major Jim Cerra chatting --- Katrina Kitchen

Below Photos by Dave Ellis -- Restorer of storm damaged photos

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