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Schuylkill Haven
Thank You Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania
     My name is Eileen and my husband and Father and I made a disaster relief trip to Pass Christian Miss. on October 2 thru October 5.  We rented a 26 foot Penske truck and filled it with supplies from money we were able to raise in our hometown of Schuylkill Haven Pennsylvania.
     My mother, Joan Schruff, is from Pass Christian and we have many family members there that survived Hurricane Katrina.  My uncle McCall and Aunt Gay Nell suffered severe damage to their home along with many of their family members and friends who lost everything.  It was devastating to us to come back to the place I had visited so many times as a child and brought my own children to visit with family members and see the total destruction that Pass Christian has suffered.  
     During the short time we were there in October we were able to help many people, but we wish we could have done so much more before we left. Ten truckloads wouldn't have made much of a dent and our hearts go out to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  It was wonderful to see how upbeat people were in spite of it all when we were in the tent for meals.  When we dropped off supplies at the distribution tents, the men working with the supply trucks couldn't have been more appreciative for what we were able to give.  The hospitality of the south still showing thru it all!  I look forward to visiting again to see the boats coming back and the homes being rebuilt. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Pass Christian and we will try to stay in touch with the progress of the Pass Christian rebuilding process.
     We are currently working on getting my daughter's college, Kutztown University involved in raising money for the people of Pass Christian and a gentlemen from the University is trying to raise enough money to perhaps send a crew of college students and adults to help out over Christmas break if they can.  Can't promise that it will happen, but he is trying to help in any way possible.  Please let the people of the Pass know that there are people in Pennsylvania who really care about them and are thinking of them and praying for their recovery.  We check the website often for updates on the information.
Thanks for the updates.  Eileen
From: "Eileen Rhody" <smileen25@comcast.net>
To: <Dan@PassChristian.Net>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 20:30:28

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