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E-mails Katrina
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To: Dan A Ellis <danellis3@juno.com>
Cc: Elaine Reese <bootchie2005@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 17:38:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Significant Updates
Dear Mr. Ellis,
Whom do I thank for including me on this news sheet? I dare say it was Elaine or Marion Reese. They are my dearest friends in the world.. "Katrina" ran them one way and me another.
In October, I plan to move from this apartment in Lewisville, TX to an Assisted Living facility in Fairhope, AL, where the Reeses recently bought a beautiful house, which Elaine soon made into a beautiful home..
In 1992, my late wife, Elvy and I moved from Mandeville to our brand new house at 100 Fernwood in Timber Ridge, Pass Christian. She passed away in Auguast, 2000.
I volunteered at the Library for two years and I still keep in touch with Sally James, by e-mail.
Kindest personal regards,
Art Pengelley

From: Jim Schmitt [mailto:jim@bayviewinc.com]
Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 7:41 AM
To: ceasterling@mindspring.com
Subject: For Dissemination
 As you know, the Planning Commission’s public hearing on the SmartCode is next Wednesday, the 28 at 5:30 PM at the West Harrison Center on Espy Ave. The Planning Commission has only two copies of their proposal available for public viewing, one at City Hall and one at the Permit Office. These copies are not annotated and do not indicate what changes have been made from the plan that was developed during the public charrettes in February. Additional hard copies are available by special order at $110.00 per copy. The Commission has chosen not to make copies available electronically, either on disc or via the internet.
Therefore I have set up a website where citizens can go to review the proposed changes as well as the original documents at:

The major proposed changes are:
Completely revised the Regulating Plan, which is the heart of the actual application of the Code, to closely reflect our old zoning maps.
Deleted all of the detailed maps with specific recommendations for development within the downtown area and the east end of town.
Removed the statutory requirement to hold public hearings on requests for Variances.
Added 3 floors of allowed building height, from 1-story to 4-stories, in the downtown area between Scenic Drive and Highway 90.
Added one floor to allowed building heights in T-5 Zones
From 3 floors to 4 floors in the downtown area
From 4 floors to 5 floors at the east end of town
Please note that because of changes in the new FEMA required heights and the way building heights are measured that a 5-story building on the beach at the east end of town could actually be 90 high above the ground, versus the 50 feet allowed under the existing ordinance. Please see the “Comparative Building Heights Elevations” page.
Removed all Historic Preservation constraints from all vacant lots or destroyed historic structures.
This provision essentially removes all architectural standards from downtown and all of Scenic Drive that was destroyed or is otherwise currently vacant.
Removed virtually all architectural and parking recommendations for building in the T-5 Zones, including the downtown area.
Increased recommended Building Unit Densities:
From 10 units/acre to 20 units/acre in T-4 Zones
From 20 units/acre to 30 units/acre in T-5 & T-5.1 Zones
Re-zoned the area on the west side of Henderson Ave. at Bayou Portage for 5-story commercial development.
This is the same parcel area that was just turned down for rezoning by the Commission a few weeks ago.
The hearing next week may be the only opportunity for the citizens of Pass Christian to be heard, so it is of the utmost importance that everyone attend the meeting and voice their opinions.
Wednesday, June 28th at 5:30 PM at the West Harrison Center on Espy Ave.
Jim Schmitt

From: "Jimmy" <bajajim@cableone.net>
To: <dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 09:09:19 -0500
Subject: Heather Thomas passing
 Remembering Heather Thomas, of Timber Ridge, who passed away on May 27, 2006, in Ridgeland MS. We will have a gathering at the Pass Christian Golf Club on Sunday, June 25, from 1-2 pm to celebrate her life. All friends welcome.
 Thank you Elaine Reese

Great meeting Taryn Perrault
From: Harriette2064@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Cc: Harriette2064@aol.com
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:44:07 EDT
Our contractor, Mark Sando, and his capable crew are 'busy as bees' working on numerous homes. Repairs to our residence, 117 Basswood Drive, which is next door to Bobby and Mary Jo Jones is progressing! After Memorial Day, locks were installed on the new doors, the grinder pump was connected, and the secondary level with two bedrooms/baths, and a small den was made habitable when the new central a/c was connected. It was after the official Memorial Day but the following weekend was memorable because we were able to spend the night!
The sheet rock crew is working in the primary living area; likewise we are considering the amenities that we'll include. Formerly our kitchen cabinets were custom made but that will not be an option this time so we'll wait for a while before designing the kitchen. In the interim, we plan to purchase a small refrigerator and place it on the landing of the upper level. Paper plates and other disposables will be the norm after the storm.
Not having a structured plan or a specific deadline is practical because we don't face too many disappointments. Previously we had 'planned' to move to PC this year, presently we don't 'plan' too far in advance, only time will tell what we'll do!
Fortunately Gary's business in Harvey, LA is stable and he's busy, and conveniently we reside nearby. Due to his work schedule, we never had the flextime to immerse in the community. Regrettably we never met you but you've become a special person to us and many other weekenders in PC who never knew you. We truly appreciate visiting your websites, and seeing the progress that is taking place in other towns along the Coast. We try to travel to PC every other week to check on the work progress. Now that the a/c and bathrooms are operating we will go more often.
Harriette Charles

From: Erniebob1@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 06:08:23 EDT
Subject: Re: Updates
Thank you Dan.
I have received emails from your readers telling me they thought the page from my journal was special to them. If you wouldn't mind I would like to send another. It is sort of an Update on Ernie and me and a little more uplifting. I am in Los Angles / Glendale now preparing for a "House Concert," sort of a retro way of performing small interment Living Room concerts. I am looking forward to it.
Thanks again and keep up the great work that you are doing.
Bobby Allison

From: RGC090261@aol.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 00:15:55 EDT
Subject: Pass
Amy Hardee has already "moved" down to the Pass. She is there for the summer, helping out where needed...however needed. We leave tomorrow, and a group of about 30 from one of the Hillsborough churches will be joining us for a week of work. Sounds like fun! :)
The town is really coming along from what I hear, but still so much to be done!
Thanks for continuing to provide everyone with a way of staying connected.

From: Harriette2064@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Cc: Harriette2064@aol.com
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:44:07 EDT
Dear Dan:
Gary and I were in CA last week on a visit with our son and his family. As we monitored the track and progress of the tropical storm, we wondered if you are currently living in FL?
Our contractor, Mark Sando, and his capable crew are 'busy as bees' working on numerous homes. Repairs to our residence, 117 Basswood Drive, which is next door to Bobby and Mary Jo Jones is progressing! After Memorial Day, locks were installed on the new doors, the grinder pump was connected, and the secondary level with two bedrooms/baths, and a small den was made habitable when the new central a/c was connected. It was after the official Memorial Day but the following weekend was memorable because we were able to spend the night!
The sheet rock crew is working in the primary living area; likewise we are considering the amenities that we'll include. Formerly our kitchen cabinets were custom made but that will not be an option this time so we'll wait for a while before designing the kitchen. In the interim, we plan to purchase a small refrigerator and place it on the landing of the upper level. Paper plates and other disposables will be the norm after the storm.
Not having a structured plan or a specific deadline is practical because we don't face too many disappointments. Previously we had 'planned' to move to PC this year, presently we don't 'plan' too far in advance, only time will tell what we'll do!
Fortunately Gary's business in Harvey, LA is stable and he's busy, and conveniently we reside nearby. Due to his work schedule, we never had the flextime to immerse in the community. Regrettably we never met you but you've become a special person to us and many other weekenders in PC who never knew you. We truly appreciate visiting your websites, and seeing the progress that is taking place in other towns along the Coast. We try to travel to PC every other week to check on the work progress. Now that the a/c and bathrooms are operating we will go more often.
Hopefully you're managing and making judicious decisions also. When time avails, send us an e-mail about your plans and progress. God speed to you and your family.
Harriette Charles
PS  Unfortunately we are not registered voters! I believe Chipper exhibits the best interest of all residents in Pass Christian.

From: Erniebob1@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 02:46:06 EDT
Subject: Re: Updates
Thank you Dan,
Because of your Web site, Ernie and I have received emails from dear friends and I know we are one of many that have been helped, informed and moved by your work.
Enclosed are pictures of before and after our home at 66 Poindexter Dr. Pass Christian. It was our paradise. Ernestine designed it and I considered it her best work. She lost most of her watercolor creations along with her stained glass work as well. We like so many others are still doing battle with Allstate and plan on staying the course.

Before and After ---and after Clean-up.

Here is the first page that I wrote when I started my journal. Being a songwriter I am encumbered with rhyme and time and of course substance. It is tricky to say what you really want to in three or four minutes, about the length of most popular songs. I now appreciate the freedom of prose. Please let me know what you think of, "Just Another Day In Paradise."
Bobby Allison
Click to read Just Another Day in Paradise

From: "Bober, Judge Marvin" <mbober@oshrc.gov>
To: "Dan A Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 06:45:39 -0400
Subject: RE: Updates
It is hard to fathom that anyone/thing did survive.
As you know, the beach road is “closed,” and therefore, I was unable to drive to the veteran’s cemetery over it or view the destruction.

From: "Carl" <saints@nettally.com>
To: <dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 20:47:48 -0400
Subject: Pirate's Cove
Hello, I came upon the Bay St. Louis website while doing some online research about some places my wife and I visited last weekend. She grew up in Gulfport and I grew up north of there in Waynesboro. We were staying with her parents in their new home in Biloxi (their old home in Gulfport was heavily damaged by floodwaters during Katrina). We took the opportunity to drive from the east Biloxi bridge to Waveland visiting places that meant a lot to us that are now gone or heavily damaged. I took a lot of photos during that time and am planning to write a series of blog entries about the photos as well as my memories. One of the places I visited was what is left of the old Pirate’s Cove restaurant on U.S. 90 over in Pass Christian/Long Beach (I never could figure out where Long Beach ended and Pass Christian began). I am trying to find a picture of the exterior of Pirate’s Cove pre-Katrina but can’t find any online. Would you happen to know of such a picture and if so, would you email me a copy? I would give proper credit to whomever took the photo. I know this is a longshot, but your sites had so many excellent photos that I thought I’d ask.  Thank you,
Carl McCaskey

From: "Denzil M. Bell" <dmbell1@verizon.net>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:24:22 -0400
Subject: Packing for the next Pass Christian trip
I want to take the time to thank everyone associated with the "Charity Cruise" for their support of our project, and to thank all of you who were
able to attend the event and help-out.
I also want to acknowledge St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Ottawa Lake, for their generous support and donation of canned goods and food stuffs for "The Pass".
Don't forget the presentation set for June 22, at 7:00 PM at the Bedford Library.  This presentation will highlight all our efforts and trips to Pass
Christian and is sponsored by "The Friends of The Library".

From: Spenny47@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 11:40:38 EDT
Subject: Re: Katrina Updates
Thanks, Dan!
FYI. Some 130 teens and adults from Naperville's Knox Presbyterian Church are headed down there tonight, June 10, on three motorcoaches for a mission with Pass Christian's Presbyterian Church.
They'll be bringing art supplies and end-rolls of paper and newsprint for the youth and local artists, among cartons of books and audio/visual stuff collected by students for the library, etc.
Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your many updates. Your Web site is chockfull of information and we promote it from www.napervilleresponds.org.

From: WILLAJORD@cs.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 06:47:56 EDT
Subject: Re: Updates
Will and I lived on the Country Club Drive in Timber Ridge on the 9 putting green for over 7 of the best years of our lives. My heart goes out to all my friends with whom I try and keep in touch. The tragedy is overwhelming. CNN this week reported from Waveland say it had been 95% destroyed and work can't begin until they put up certain percentage of the money and they have no tax base left! Glad I'm on your list. Thanks. Marianne Jordan   WillaJord@cs.com

From: Erniebob1@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 00:34:48 EDT
Subject: Re: Updates
Thank you Dan for the updates. Your Web designs are fantastic!
Ernestine and I are in Montrose Colorado now and would like to send you a couple of pics of our home in the Isles. We lived at 66 Poindexter. We have some before and after that are interesting. Our home was blown off it's Concrete pilings and dumped intact (almost) across the Bayou Boisedore. Please let me know f you are interested. I have been keeping a journal and want to share a short page.
Keep up the dreat work,
Bobby & Ernestine Allison

From: elaine reese <bootchie2005@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 19:50:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Heather
I just want you all to know that Heather passed away on Saturday night, May 27, at 10:02 p.m.
we all will miss her terribly.
Bob's address in Crystal Springs is: 118 South Bennett St. 39059
his phone number is 601-892-6970
I know he would appreciate any phone calls. I do believe that we all will have a memorial to celebrate Heather's life, at the Club, soon.
I can't tell you the date yet, but as soon as something is set, I will let you all know.
we miss her........elaine

From: Pegheacock@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 22:16:27 EDT
Subject: Rebuilding the Pass
Hi Dan. I just happened upon your website. We lost our home at 734 W. Beach~Jackson Colony~to Camille. We are ready to rebuild ASAP. Still haggling some with the insurance over whether we had flood or wind damage. We're hoping to have a house ready for Christmas in the Pass. What's going on down there? Are people coming back? Homes being rebuilt? Infrastructure up and running? This was my first Spring Break in 20 years to not be at the beach. I'm anxious for any news you can share.
Thanks so much.
Peggy Heacock
Shreveport, LA

From: Spenny47@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 19:49:37 EDT
Subject: Re: Naperville Sister City-  Story from today's Naperville Sun
Thanks, Dan!
I'll try to remember to copy you on all the press. I had hoped the reporters would send you stuff on their own, but I see they have not.
Is there anything you'd like for me to include in the next issue of Positively Naperville?
If you could provide a brief update of what's happening---even slow progress---it might inspire some more help.
Sometime if you want to see what goes on in your Sister City of Naperville, visit www.positivelynaperville.com. It's also Naperville's 175th anniversary year.
Also visit www.napervilleriverwalk.com. That's where you'll find photos of our linear park that's the centerpiece for our city. It's a natural treasure and the place I always go for peace and reflection.
Keep the faith. We're almost ready to begin our fourth modest home down there. We're hoping to build at least 20.
Also, visit www.napervilleresponds.com when you can. You'll see we're trying really hard to help.

From: "Charles" <cguidroz@gulftel.com>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 06:18:38 -0500
Subject: Katrina
Dan , thanks for all the effort you have obviously put into these pages. So glad you were able to finally get some insurance. Imagine my shock when I popped onto a photo of MY condo, Pleasant Anchor at 217 Baywood.....no longer existing. We were neighbors, the first time we met, I assisted in moving your Cadilac off the street....and we met a number of times afterward here and there. I always thought you creative in the way you converted your house. I now live in Foley, AL in an adult only gated community called "The Grove".....[ The Foley Grove on the net, take a look! ] Dan, State Farm is saying that since there was storm surge, there is no windstorm coverage. I want to challege this, and was told about the only way is to take 'EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS' of wind damage before the "surge". Can you help us with some "proof" or lead us to it?? BTW, I used to go to the Ozarks every October.....when I lived in the Memphis area, prior to retirement in TimberRidge. There certainly are a lot worser places----and I have been thinking about a "look-see" in either Ark, or North Alabama for perhaps a very small "summer place"--- perhaps an RV or nice trailer in a first class park-and closer to most of my kids. If we can get State Farm to provide funds enough to re-build, [we've received the "Flood Ins. payment- but it isn't sufficient to rebuild 12 units, maybe about 8units???], I would consider moving back to "The Pass" Hope you are well and continue occasional "MEMOS" to the Pass. Wouldn't mind being on your list for such.

From: "Huey Bang" <hueybang@cableone.net>
To: "Dan A Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 08:00:07 -0500
Subject: Re: City Council meeting
Our job as Aldermen is to do what's "best" and "right" for the City of Pass Christian.  That is what we "try" to do.  I can certainly understand that it
may not seem that way to the public, but that's exactly what we did last night.  Anyone who was at that meeting last night noticed that there was
more media there than has been in Pass Christian in a long time.  Rather than create more bad publicity for the City of Pass Christian and drag our name through the mud, the board made an "advised" decision to postpone our action for two weeks.  Our hope and anticipation is that this problem will resolve itself in such a way that every citizen in Pass Christian will be "best" served by the decision of their Board of Aldermen.  The public should know that we "sometimes" have information available to us as the City leaders that leads us to make decisions that we would not make otherwise.
Just know that we "all" have the best interests of Pass Christian at heart and will always do what we "think" is best for our City.
Huey L. Bang, RMR, CRR
Fish-Man Reporting Services
Phone (228)452-4403
Fax (228)452-4051
e-mail:  hueybang@cableone.net
From: beachwalker98@juno.com
To: dan@passchristian.net
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 21:29:14 -0500
Subject: City Council meeting
After tonight's City Council meeting I'm speechless.  How can five
seemingly intelligent people be so effectively played by the mayor?  
Am I the only one bewildered by their actions (or lack thereof)?  
I'm beginning to wonder if any of them are capable of making any firm
decisions at all.  Maybe we need a new election to "clean house" and
start all over again.  
We've wasted enough time in this "Where's the Mayor?" game already.
From: "Cindy Easterling" <ceasterling@mindspring.com>
To: "Cindy Easterling" <ceasterling@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 10:18:48 -0500
Subject: FW: Planning Commission - IMPORTANT!
Dear Protect the Pass members and Friends,
The Planning Commission will be having a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, May 16) at 2 p.m. to review planning and zoning changes. At this point and time, we do not know where the meeting will be...but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you let PC Planning Commission members and Aldermen know your feelings regarding high rises and commercial development in the City of Pass Christian. Our future is at stake.
Contact info for PC Planning Commission members and aldermen is available on our website: www.protectthepass.com.... on the "Mission" page. Or you can contact City Hall for the info (228-452-3311 or 452-3310).
I am attaching exerpts from e-mails ...trying to let you know that it is crucial to let PC Planning Commission members know what you want your town to be.
Thanks for your support.

From: Gayla Schmitt [mailto:gayla@bayviewinc.com]
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 9:47 AM
To: 'WILLBARR@aol.com'
Subject: RE: Planning Commission - SmartCode!~
I am very happy to hear that you feel this way. ” The involvement of the CITIZENS OF PASS CHRISTIAN is the solution.
It is that very input from our citizens that those experts used to set up the SmartCode. In our “bedroom” community, I would like to be able to walk around the block on a sidewalk without being hit by a car. I would like to walk to a bookstore or coffee shop in town. At the moment I see that you have developed a plan for 7 story buildings (plus 2 flood levels). That is high-rise and then some. THE CITIZENS said “the trees the limit”, even our aldermen said it. The citizens also said loud and clear that they want to preserve our history, heritage and culture.
If you don’t want a 7 story condo in your backyard, then probably no one else does. Once one is there, it devalues all property around it and pretty soon everyone has sold out to them. Then our town is nothing but condo’s on the front and trailers in the back.
I don’t believe that you are to blame for this situation we are in, as I think you have similar values as most of our citizens. I think the problem is that there are not enough people on the board speaking out and that the board asked people to stay away from the workshops and we were polite enough to comply. Now the board does not seem to know what the citizens want.
Thank you for your continued work on this. Stick to your guns – we need it!

From: "Bob Wisniewski" <bobw648@hotmail.com>
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 03:07:44 +0000
Subject: Mayor's pay
Forget cutting his pay, just vote him out. Enough is enough and he should realize its time to step down. Where is he getting the energy to get a lawer but cant help the town?

Dan, please add Bedford Township, Michigan to our Sister City list. They have been down about 6 times with lots of contributions and volunteers since October, and have officially adopted Pass Christian as a Sister City.
I believe Exton, Pennsylvania will become a Sister City as well. They sent 5 18-wheeler truck loads of furniture and “stuff” to the Salvation Army tent last week. 2 were unloaded in the Pass Christian facility and the other 3 were sent to the Pass Christian storage area with the Salvation Army in Biloxi (for our citizens). In order to get some of these items, citizens will need to complete a “Needs Assessment” form at the Salvation Army tent in the Pass.

From: Kunamola@aol.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 08:26:03 EDT
Subject: Alderman report
Please let the alderman know how important his weekly report is for those who are not in The Pass. I understand that it is frustrating for him to rehash the night's meeting but many of us need this weekly information to help cope with what has and is happening in PC.
Thank you both for continuing to keep this information on the Internet. You are providing a valuable link in the communication web for many family and friends.
Elizabeth Stewart Gibson
Herndon VA
To: <Jaime.Benavides@dhs.gov>
Cc: <dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 14:57:38 -0500
Dear Mr. Benavides,
I just read you letter to Dan Ellis in Pass Christian, MS. where I lived before Katrina hit. My home was at 1010 W. Beach Blvd. which is between Sherman St. and Elliot St. on Hwy 90. Most of my lost possessions (that I was able to find) were in my own lot and to the west and northwest of my lot which would be between Elliot and Boisdore Streets. Our lot was next to one of the few houses that survived the storm- an old 2-story concrete house that many people refer to as "the castle house".
I lost many coins that my father and his father had collected over many years. I had placed all these coins in a bag to take with me when I evacuated, but in the panic of packing up and leaving, I left the bag on the floor of my bedroom. I have actually found some of them, but very few. The ones you found may not be the ones I lost, as you mentioned they were packaged "in a distinctive manner that only the owner would know". The coins I lost were not packaged in such a distinctive fashion. Some of my coins were 1st issue coins that were in clear plastic holders. Each holder contained a coin of each denomination. The bag had a blue stripe on the top and bottom of the bag. The others coins were very old silver dollars, fifty-cent pieces, and quarters (silver). Some of them were wrapped in paper rolls and were then placed in a plastic bag. There may have been some in a small leather box with a rubber band holding it closed. There was also one old gold-piece (I think it was a $5 coin). If the coins were found in the areas described above (the west end of Pass Christian), and have not been claimed, could I make arrangements to see them -just to be certain that they are not mine?
My family, including my husband and I, my sister, my brother, and my parents lost everything. We lost all the heirlooms and family history handed down from 5 generations. Many of the items I was able to salvage and left on my property to pick up later were looted. And most of what was left from the looters was bulldozed by the Army Corp of Engineers. My parents' and brother's house was one block away from me on the corner of Boisdore St. and Hwy. 90. My sister's house was in Bay St. Louis. None of us are able to live on the coast now, but plan to rebuild in the future.
Thank you so very much for everything you did for all of us on the coast. You were wonderful to volunteer to help us, and to take so much care to be sure the things you found were inventoried and a police report filed. We are very grateful for your help. You sound like the kind of person the world needs more of.
Very truly yours,
Dena Fair Daly

I drove down with a close friend in December with a truck of supplies and stayed for several days to volunteer with the AmeriCorp Team in Pass. Attached are several photos from my trip. We also had a free lance videographer with us who has put together a short clip we use up here to help continue to spread the word about volunteering and the need for help-I will contact him today and try to find a way to get you a copy if you are interested in that as well.
The organization I am a part of is called Adam’s Ants-we have a network of just over 100 people in 19 states that have committed themselves to being a part of the solution to this horrific experience you all have survived in the Gulf Coast. I will forward you a copy of our last newsletter-please know we have not forgotten.
In our thoughts and prayers
Julie A. Coughlin
GMR ? Account Supervisor ? 5000 S. Towne Drive ? New Berlin, WI 53151 ? Direct 262.780.6154 ? Fax 262.786.2478 ? Mobile 414.467.2275 ? jcoughlin@gmrlive.com

From : Thomas OConnor <thomas.oconnor@the-spa.com>
Subject : Good news Date : Mon, Apr 10, 2006 10:34 PM
Dear Mr. Ellis  my  daughter and her husband who previously lived in Pass Christian,MS before   Hurricane Katrina and now live in Granby,Massachusetts.
Their  names are Jon & Tricia Monson  and they lived @ 350 Lorraine Ave  in the Pass. They lived there for four months before losing everything.  Jon  was in the US Navy and had just returned from Guam. While the good news is that on April 6th,2006 they had  their first child born. A little girl named Margaret Mae Monson  (Maggie Mae)   They were really happy before the Hurricane and made many friends   Our prayers are with the Gulf Coast residents ----  Tom O'Connor

 From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:26:38 -0600
With the harbor still closed, we won't be able to have much of a Blessing festival this year. We've decided to sell Commemorative t-shirts anyway; for the scholarship it funds is more important now than ever. See the attached design. This is our tenth year to provide a $ 1000 scholarship to a graduating senior at Pass High School.
Shirts are VERY LIMITED this year. The price is $ 15.00 per shirt; which includes postage for shipping anywhere in the contiguous US.
We have all adult sizes S - XXL, and some youth sizes. They make a great gift; especially for folks volunteering in our recovery effort.
We will accept orders until around April 18.
To order, send a check or money order to: Blessing of the Fleet P.O. Box 836 Pass Christian, MS 39571. For more information call 1-800-333-2252 (8 am - 5 pm M-F) and ask for Betty or Trey.
Please include Name, Complete Ship To Address, Phone #, shirt size(s), and $ 15.00 for each shirt.
Trey Campbell
>From: "Cindy Easterling" <ceasterling@mindspring.com>
>To: "Cindy Easterling" <ceasterling@mindspring.com>
>Subject: FW: Insurance Problems??
>Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:41:00 -0600
A business reporter with a major national newspaper who has done some economic reporting on the effects of Katrina is looking at insurance company performance in 2005. He's interested in why the insurance companies have been so profitable in a time when you might think they would have taken a hit after the storms, and is interested in the stories of people who are struggling to get fair settlements on their damage from their companies. If anyone is -still- wrestling with their insurance company or their adjusters, and would like to share your experience with him, please let me know. He's particularly interested in issues dealing with Allstate. (The
company clearly realizes they have a PR problem here - they just bought the rights to the Sugar Bowl.)
>504-301-5416 (mobile)
From: "Don Walter" <dwalter1126@cableone.net>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 08:22:32 -0600
Subject: 116 VISTA BEFORE & AFTER pictures
We lived at 116 Vista Drive until 2001 when we moved to Diamondhead. We had it rented from Mar 2002 until 8/29/2005. We plan to rebuild and move back to the Pass but are not sure when. Probably when and if construction costs come down (2-3 years).
Don Walter/Oceanographer
Naval Research Laboratory
Seafloor Sensing Team
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529
Ph: (228) 688-5478
Email: don.walter@nrlssc.navy.mil
From: "Robyn Greenberg" <tweetyheart@comcast.net>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 22:31:06 -0800
Subject: looking for someone in Pass Christian. Please read.
Hi. My name is Robyn and I have a dear friend who I traveled to do mission work some years ago. She lives/d in Pass Christian and I have not been able to reach her since the hurricane. Is there any message board out there matching people up who are estranged from each other? Yours is the one I found when I did a google search on pass christian casualties, thinking the very worst that perhaps they didn't' make it. She is young, about 23 and I'm not much older 26. I live in California so it's hard to do much from here. She lived at 1020 West Beach and the number I have for her doesn't work. Her name is Kathleen Currie. She lived with both parents and two brothers. Anyhow, if you can get back to me either way on any information you can, my number is 415-370-4080 and my name is Robyn Greenberg. If you know of her please pass this message on to her. I'll be thinking of all of you down there and praying that everyone can get past this and come out stronger than before.
God Bless,
From: Rick Ralls <rralls1@yahoo.com>
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: 22 Mar 2006 17:48:12 -0800
Subject: I was working in the food tent
Hello Dan,
My name is Rick Ralls, and I was in your city 10 days after Katrina with the Joy Wallace Catering team
that set up the food tents at the school across from the church. These are some of the photos I took on
the 2 short breaks I had between the meal periods. The month I spent in your city was the most
meaningful and soul satisfying experience of my life.
Copy and Paste into your browser in order to see Rick's photos during Sept and Oct 2005.
Dear Dan,
Thank you for your reply and for posting the photo album to your website. I left Miami for Pass Christian on September 12 and returned October 19. Not being a very religious person, I found it interesting that it was
due to a wish I made to God that I believe I was allowed this incredible experience.
My brother is a doctor and volunteered to help in search and rescue in Biloxi just after the hurricane. At the time, I was the general manager of a restaurant that was still closed due to a downed transformer from Katrina's minor swipe at South Florida on its way to the Gulf states. I was watching CNN while speaking
with my sister-in-law, and literally said to her, " I wish to God there was something in the restaurant
business that I could do to go there to help and still be able to pay my bills."
Within 3 days, I came across an old friend I hadn't seen for years that was working for Joy Wallace
Catering. He said that they were waiting for the go ahead to set-up the food tents for relief workers in
Mississippi, and asked if I might be free to join the team. Monday morning, six days from the day I made my
wish, I was on the way to Pass Christian!
During the month I was there, our daily schedule began at 4:30 am and went through until 9 pm with very little
down time. The end of breakfast was the beginning of preparations for lunch, and likewise between lunch and
dinner. However, I only had to look around me towards the church, and then look at the smiles that still
remained on the faces of everyone in the buffet line, to realize there nothing for me to complain about.
The most memorable part of my experience in your city was the realization, like that of the story of Job, is
that despite losing everything, never lose your faith in God and your hope for a better tomorrow. With your
health, family and community you have all you need to smile and bring the strength necessary to build a new
Good luck to everyone in your city,
Rick Ralls
From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:53:32 -0600
Subject: From Trey Campbell - 1st Rotary / Mennonite Home
The Pass Christian Rotary is the only civic organization building free homes for Pass Christian's poor; now! The picture, taken 3/16, is of Rebuild Home # 1 (East Second Street); which broke ground only February 14. Homes # 2 & 3
broke ground 3/15.
The Mennonite Disaster Team is providing free labor and expertise. They are incredible! Building supplies are purchased at a special discount; and Rotary International is providing a $1-for-$2 match. This is the most effective campaign available for stretching every dollar. There is zero overhead; zero non-building related expenses.
Donations are still needed to continue providing free homes. There are hundreds of new homes needed; and at present course, we will only reach a handful. This project is, by far, the most important endeavor our club has ever embarked upon in its 82 year history.
The Rotary Charitable Trust Fund is a long standing 501c3; for taxdeductible donations. It can be reached at P.O. Box 88 Pass Christian, MS 39571. You may also call me at 228-452-3773(h); or toll-free 800-333-2252(w) for more information.
Trey Campbell, President-Elect
Rotary Club of Pass Christian
P.O. Box 88
Pass Christian, MS 39571
From: "Gayla Schmitt" <gayla@bayviewinc.com>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 10:37:49 -0600
Subject: "majority are well to do"?
Dear Dan,
I was reading your Donations Needed page and was really surprised to read that the majority of our citizens are well-to-do, living on the beachfront or rivers. On the contrary, the majority are middle class, now barely surviving financially, living in town or in Timber Ridge, and the next largest economic group is low income, living north of Second Street.
I am President of the Board of Directors of Mercy Housing and Human Development, Inc. One of the main reasons that we selected Pass Christian as one of the two communities to strongly work with after the storm was the high proportion of low to moderate income people and the towns lack of “entitlement” status with various government agencies. This combination puts our low income families at a serious disadvantage.
It would seem counter-productive to soliciting funds to mis-lead people who don’t know The Pass about our economic makeup.
Just a comment.
Thanks for keeping up communications with everyone. You’re really doing a great job!
Gayla Schmitt
NOTE: Thanks to Gayla's remarks, the old September '05 description was revised today to reflect a truer picture of the Pass economy. Dan
From: jim wolf <parbabie@yahoo.com>
To: dan@passchristian.net
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:39:03 -0800 (PST)
Thankyou for your site. My parents lost their house of 28 years on Lemoyne Rd. I attended St. Pauls from kindergarten through the sixth grade. What a blessed time that was. I will share some photos once I return to my current home in California. We truly had one beautiful town, it will be back. I brought many friends to our town, and will continue to do so. God bless you and all our neighbors, wherever they may now be.
"Mississippi" Mike Wolf
From: Carolyn Scafidi <carolynscafidi@yahoo.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 15:20:57 -0800 (PST)
Subject: second st
From: "Diane" <harbouroaks@mednrey.com>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 15:23:07 -0600
Subject: diane at harbouroaks inn
dan.....so great to find ur web site.....am in stlouis w/ family....if u have chance to call...pls do...or email me ur address and or fone. my nbr is 636 278 2764 and address is 581 pinetree lake ct..town and country...mo...63017....i keep remembering the early times sitting on the front porch w vonnie...sipping wine...planning chamber stuff or just gripping about politics....it's hard to remember that those days were real....diane
From: Klmckinneytruck@aol.com
To: Dan@passchristian.net
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 17:22:11 EST
Dear Dan,
I would like to send my sincere apology. The email that was sent to you was uncalled for. I would like to say that I was the cordinator for the Christmas presents that were sent to the children in your town. My husband trucked the presents in and my children and I were able to meet with the principal and teachers as well as the children. They were all very thankful and that is what mattered. I would like to apologize again if in any way we offended any of you with the email. It should have been more understanding and asked for imformation on a way to contact the school, instead of, saying that you didn't care. I realize that your town has alot of concerns at this time. The address was simply misplaced so a thank you could not be sent. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers and we wish we could do more to help. Thank you for getting us in touch with the school. I personally recieved thank you notes from the 5th grade students. I have shared them with the chldren at our school and they were thrilled with the notes from the children from Pass Christian. When we came up with the project, it wasn't about praise or glory, it was a way to teach our children that helping those in need is the right thing to do. We would like to thank you and the town again for giving us the chance to meet new friends. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Thank you,
Debbie McKinney
From: "Huey Bang" <hueybang@cableone.net>
To: <mckinneytruck@msn.com>
Cc: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
To Our Friends at Tri-C Elementary School,
We appreciate your help and thoughtfulness more than you will ever know. It has been with great regret that we did not know how to get in touch with the kind children and adults who cared enough to send a goody bag for every one of our students at Christmas time. With regard to thanking the big or little people, it has always been about letting those who have shared with us in any way possible, whether large or small, know that without the help of compassionate people like yourselves, our challenges would be even more difficult than they are with the help. It was an especially busy time immediately prior to our Christmas break, and regretfully we did not manage to keep an address for your school. Will you please forward an address to us, so that we may appropriately send a note of appreciation? We also have a picture CD we would like to send.
Thank you again,
Meridith Bang, Principal, Pass Christian Elementary School
From: Jennifer Cowley <cowley.11@osu.edu>
To: DeLisle:;
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 16:44:49 -0500
Subject: DeLisle Community Plan available for public comment
We are pleased to announce that the Draft Community Plan for DeLisle is now available for public review. To view the plan visit
This plan reflects what the planning team heard from the community about what you want for the future. At this time we are looking for feedback on the plan. The plan includes a variety of possible scenarios. Your vote on these scenarios will help shape the final plan.
In addition to the plan is a comment sheet that you can download to assist you in reviewing the plan. We greatly look forward to your input on the draft plan.
Please feel free to send me an e-mail message with your comments if you prefer.
Jennifer Evans-Cowley, PhD, AICP
From: mward39571@copper.net
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 01:49:20 -0000
Subject: Cloiselle Courtenay Family Tomb
Anyone interested in the Cloiselle Courtenay Family tomb may contact me.
Plans for "re-interment" being made! Date not set yet..
Mary Catherine Hanson Ward.
From: JB2130@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 09:42:10 EST
Subject: Re: Recent Updates
Dan, I like the service you provide but I really get frustrated at the aldermans report particularily at Chipper's half truth personal opinions... Please do your homework before printing Chipper's own personal account of issues. Thanks..
(I responded to this -- but I won't repeat what I said!----Dan)
From: sally james <gammyjames@yahoo.com>
To: Dan Ellis <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 19:25:10 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Recent Updates
Happy Mardi Gras, Dan. I see your home is gone.....know the way you must be feeling. so much has changed dramatically the past 10 days around the west side of the Pass. we need to get Ronnie to record it for you and everyone who logs on to site. love, Sally
Before and After----------------------->

(Thanks, Sally, for your kind words and to Ronnie for another duty well photographed -- My tear-vase is overflowing!, Dan )
From: Harriette2064@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Dear Dan:
Thank you for the updates; Gary and I didn't go to Timber Ridge too often in February. With so many residents in need of Mark Sando and his crew's timely assistance, we're trying to be patient until it is our turn. Luckily the windows and doors were delivered and installed; maybe we'll have the electricity and water connected soon, which will facilitate a weekend or over-night visit to commence making longer range plans about the interior of 117 Basswood.
Today is my birthday, which often has coincided with Mardi Gras activities. Always we celebrated my special day with friends at our home in Timber Ridge; 2006 will be very different!
Are you still living in Florida and commuting to the Pass?
Happy Mardi Gras, too!
Best regards,
Harriette Charles
From: Kandtwhit@wmconnect.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 22:04:48 EST
Subject: Pass Christian
Dan , My name is Kathleen Schruff Whitaker. I grew up in the Pass and my family is still there. I discovered your site and was greatly blessed by all the info about the Pass and its beautiful homes. I have done some research on my family and discovered they have lived in Pass Christian since at least 1860. Could you please send me a list of the books you have published about Pass Christian. I would very much like to see them,also where can I get a picture of the Old School Building which was on the site of the present City Hall. We lived on the lower level of that building when I was a small child before my father built our home on Market Street.I would appreciate any info you could send me. I have been back to the Pass since Hurricane Katrina and it is heartbreaking to see the destruction. The Pass Christian High School where I attended is gone as well as every other building I remember. Thank you so much for your time. My e-mail is TandKWhit @WMConnect Thank you again.Kathleen Schruff
From: "Zachary Johnson" <zjohnson@recordnet.com>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Cc: <zackjohn@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 14:29:29 -0800
My name is Zack Johnson. I’m an education reporter for a newspaper in California called the Stockton Record. One of the school districts that I cover is planning to “adopt” Pass Christian School District while it rebuilds following Hurricane Katrina.
I’m looking for photos of the schools after the hurricane struck to include with a story I’m writing.
I spoke to Meridith Bang of PC Elementary, and she said you would be the one to talk to. I was hoping you could e-mail some photos that we could publish with your permission.
If you can get back to me on Thursday, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be out of the office on Friday, so it would be better to send any photos to my personal email: zackjohn@gmail.com.
Or call me anytime on my cell phone: (209) 607-1377.
Thank You ,
From: "Duke, James A. GS-13 \(C7F NAVOCEANO Liaison\)"
To: <Dan@PassChristian.net>, <danellis3@juno.com>
Mr. Ellis,
I wanted to pass on my appreciation for your Web Sites keeping track of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Pass Christian. We lived in the Pass, on Eleanor Avenue, until the storm completely washed our house away. I am a civilian Navy employee, and we have since been mercifully deployed to Japan for the next three years. We are also extremely fortunate in that our hurricane insurance (Mississippi Windstorm, at the prodding of our Admiral, Timothy McGee, out at Stennis Space Center) saw the legal wisdom of settling on our claim, and we are using the proceeds to pay off our mortgage. After my current deployment is completed, we look forward to returning to the Pass to renew our lives there. Many thanks to you and your efforts to keep us in the diaspara up to date on what is really happening back there.
We hope you are faring O.K.
Please keep up the good work.
James A. Duke, CIV
From: "david caldarelli" <dcaldarelli@hotmail.com>
To: Dan@passchristian.net
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:31:00 -0600
Subject: alderman report
Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing the alderman report. We are out of town for an extended time, but thanks to you, we can still keep up with what is happening in our town.
Sue Caldarelli
From: Vellaclara@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:01:49 EST
Do you know what happened to the graves in St. Paul's cemetery that were distoyed? My ancestor's graves was one of them. His name was Clausel Courtenay. I was so upset when I visited the grave site after Katrina. The grave was gone with my greatgrandfather and mother. I don't know who would have this information. Did they save the coffins? Let me know if you know anything about this. It is very sad for all of us, he also built my ancestors home on 507 East Beach and others. I know that 504 is gone but what about the others he built. Thank you.
Clara Mae Saucier Arnold Vella
From: "Sally Holmes" <saholmes@usouthal.edu>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 12:18:42 -0600
Subject: Volunteer
Can you help me to get in touch with someone about working/volunteering in PC. I am a supervisor in the lab at USA Med Ctr in Mobile, and would like to spend a month or more helping with Katrina recovery.
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
ps I am a property owner in PC, formerly lived in PC, and my sister lost her home there.
From: "Kapp, Bonney" <bk1@cbsnews.com>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 16:40:28 -0500
Hi, Mr. Ellis—
I got your email from the Pass Christian website. I’m a producer for CBS News in NYC and I’m trying to find some stories to do in Miss. on the Katrina aftermath. I figure you must know a ton of them. We’re looking to do one or two stories on what’s going on down there six months later…any ideas you could give me would be much appreciated. I’m hoping to make my way down next week, but that’s flexible.
Thanks for your time and any tips you can depart.
Bonney Kapp
cbs news
From: Dan Ellis Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 5:56 PM
To: Kapp, Bonney
The tent city is well and operating with almost full capacity. The City Park (Memorial Park) has been taken over for that purpose and also as temporary sites for business operations.
As I stated in my previous message, there are almost 1000 of 6000 former population that are in habitation at the Pass.
Another interesting story is the significant numbers of religious icons that were tossed as far away as several blocks only to be found upright in their positions. The crucifiction in the greatly delmolished
Catholic Church was left hanging in tact by a thread of wire.
Tomorrow, I will send you some key names and contact emails for you to seek out.
From: Bonney Kapp To: Dan Ellis
Great, thanks. I met a young man in New Orleans who had a cross in his house. He said that cross fell if you looked at it the wrong way...but after hurricane, after his house was completely destroyed, it was the only thing in tact. Strange.
From: Jdbm1985@cs.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 00:36:43 EST
Subject: Another Sister City
Ridgefield, CT is also a sister city, to Pass Christain. I am a Selectman in Ridgefield and the initiator of Ridgefield Responds,the task force of our town wide effort to assist Pass Christian rebuild.You may have seen our banner which was hung at the Fire Station on Second for the months until Christmas when I made my second trip down and moved it to the "Villages". We have responded to the emergency needs in the early days, school needs in the later weeks, emotional and commercial needs through the holidays . Now we are in the process of developing our on website to facilitate information as well as usuing influence with our own Congressional Representatives on behalf of the Pass. I hope you wil include us in your list and keep me in your information loop Thanks, Di Masters, dimasters@yahoo.com
From: Jdbm1985@cs.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 01:27:07 EST
Subject: Ridgefield Responds
Dan,Thank you for adding us to your informative site. As I studied with interest the notes from the last few town meetings I was reminded how I came to know Donald Moore andChipper during my first visit in early Sept.when the Pass was still in a state of emergency. Those two took me on a thorough tour of the city and made introductions for me that have made it possible to be effective back in CT. I had heard the newsthat Don was resigning but it is a loss for your town because he has such a high degree of patience and compassion. I also got to start a new friendship with Wilma and Lou Risardi who have continued to be eyes and ears for us as we continue our efforts. We have recently been working efficiently with Americorps and as a matter of fact my teenage daughter is heading down this weekend to volunteer with Americorps during her school vacation week. If you are in the vicinity of Town Hall stop by and ask for Claire Masters at the "Village". Meanwhile I will keep you posted on the progress of our website and our next project for the Pass. Looking forward to meeting you on my next trip down.Di dimasters@yahoo.com
From: <ccampbel@fmi.com>
To: <Dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 11:14:03 -0600
Subject: Timber Ridge
We have gotten literally no news as to the progress of Timber Ridge - we still do not know about the elevation requirements and as of Saturday we found out our place at 229 Fairway would be demolished by the Corps of Engineers on Sunday. We came over on Sunday, Feb. 12 and watched what was left of our home being razed to the ground. We would like to rebuild but need some INFORMATION. Please pass this on to the Timber Ridge Owners Association group.
We also want to contest our tax bill - we have paid it in full but feel at least 30% should be removed from the bill because of not having a house due to the Hurricane. I am trying to find a form from the PC tax bill dept. but as of now still don't know where to look for you. The websites are at times not very helpful.
Thanks, Carol and Dave Campbell

From: "Susan D. Peterson" <peterson1460@bellsouth.net>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Cc: "Wayne Peterson" <wpeterson@schrenkandpeterson.com>
Our house on E. Second St. has been designated as a historic property. It is 60 to 80 years old. It has been significantly damaged, but probably can be salvaged. We were not in a flood zone, had wind insurance but not flood, and were not in a flood zone.
How do we find out how this affects us, both positively and negatively.
Wayne Peterson
From: "BILLIE HILLIER" <billigrl@hotmail.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 19:56:36 -0600
Subject: the: Jeep ride 2 days after katrina
My husband Carl is overseas in Cuba. He is due to come home in August. We are living in a Fema trailer in Gulfport behind the rental my mom use to live in. My mom went back to California the day I left for Virginia beach. I only stayed there for about 2 or 3 weeks and it was all a complete blur. I'm sorry to hear about your friends insurance troubles. I will keep her in my prayers. I saw your house in Timber Ridge a few weeks ago, My daughter Jessica pointed it out to me.
Insurance has been very helpful to us. We were able to pay off the house @ 114 Hickory St. and place a bid on a home in North Gulfport of off Dedeaux Road. I am set to close tomorrow. I hope all goes well.
As for Chris & Tracy (the homeowners in Diamonhead) they are doing okay. Chris is set to come home from Iraq in about 3 months. Justin the other friend got back to his wife and children in Virginia Beach the same day I arrived.
I do have the photos that I took right after the storm on our trip to the pass. I will never forget the devestation and the hurt that we were all feeling that day. The looks on everyones faces of complete loss and despair
were heart wrenching and then when I think about it, the look must have been the same on our faces.
My children are all doing fine. My son who was five at the time had alot trouble after the storm but he is doing much better now. We also found our dog waiting in the rubel pile a week and day after the storm. I will be
glad to get the photo's to you. I have them on a cd and hard coppies if that helps. Let me know.
Thank you so much. It was great to hear from you.
Sincerely, Billie Hillier
From: "BILLIE HILLIER" <billigrl@hotmail.com>
To: Dan@passchristian.net
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 21:00:48 -0600
Subject: Jeep ride 2 days after katrina
Hi Dan,
You have done wonderfull work on the story since hurricane katrina. This is my 3rd email to you yet they havn't been posted on your web site. Any way my name is Billie Hillier my husband is Carl Hillier. We lived at 114
Hickory St. in the Pass. We sought refugee at a friends house in Dimonhead durning the storm. My husband is one of the 3 Seabees who helped you. In fact he is the one with the black jeep who drove you to the Pass 2 days after the storm. He also made stops to try to help you find a car to buy to get you out of Dimonhead. Yet when I read your trips to the Pass stories there is no mention of that trip to the Pass. I ask myself, was the real 1st trip to the pass 2 days after katrina (Wed) not story worthy for you. I'm glad we could assit you during such a trying time.
Sincerely, Billie Hillier
NOTE: Thanks, to Billie, her SeaBee husband, and the other SeaBees, we teamed up and cleared the roadway in Diamondhead in order to make a trip to the Pass, and Billie took the first Katrina disaster photos of the Beachfront. This is an untold story which indeed needs telling and will be.
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 05:11:21 EST
On August 29, 2005, my home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, I have nothing http://skittlesdiary.gfoto.com there , I was insured with Allstate, I had flood insurance, plus homeowners insurance. Allstate only paid the flood part of the insurance, which was only enough to pay off the Veterans Home Purchase Board (Mike Moore), leaving me nothing to rebuild with. The insurance company isn't paying me for living expenses, the fema says I am not eligible for the personal property which I lost. Allstate demands proof of my stuff I owned, They only want to pay for the roof , because that is all they can find of my home that I lived in on 104 Bayview Street, Pass Christian, MS. 39571
If you look at the link above you can view my house before Katrina and in the spirit of skittles folder there are 222 photos taken January 2006 these are photos of what my home looks like now. Plus other parts of the Pass Christian Area. My home was destroyed by wind, I don't dispute flood hit my home, but I do dispute not getting paid for the hurricane part on my policy. I see the grants, it is for homeowners as myself, but I also read that if you was in a flood zone area , you are not eligible. I hired an attorney in Baitsville, MS in January 2006, his name is Jason Nabors.
I feel that people who owned homes, had insurance should receive relief of some type. My car is gone, so are my pets, photos, everything that was my whole life. There are no more sovineers, all that is gone. I am living in Nebraska temp for now. I have been treated mean by a lady in Arizona, who offered me a home to stay in, but she was just out to get money , thinking I was going to get alot. She took me to all the agenies to register for money. But would not take me to a doctor , nor my pet that is dead now. I now found with cancer and having to have surgery this week on the 15th.
So life is not treating me good last year or seems this year. I need some help. If this grant is available, then I should be eligible for some help. I sent the letter to fema on my car showing that it had liablility insurance on it but not full coverage. All I hear is that my home was flooded. An you must be from New Orleans.
I am a American , raised in Mississippi, my mother served in the United States Army, this is how we were able to buy the home on the eligiblity certificate, I had cancer, but took care of my mother. Her last wishes was that I would never be homeless. Which I am homeless now, and I see no relief in site for me. I need help ASAP.
The address I am staying at temporarily is below
Charlotte Leah Suiter
1501 N. 11th Street
Beatrice, NE. 68310
I have no home, living with someone in their home isn't a home. I am disabled now and not able to go out and rebuy another property to build upon. At one time I worked in the School District as a sub teacher or a Teachers Aide, also I worked at Hancock Bank as an orculator clerk. Now I have no home, no nothing. I am a homeless person. Not a displaced person as people will call it. I had furniture, and things to make me comfortable, I minded my own business and paid my taxes like everyone else. Plus also had insurance on the house, which I paid dearly for. Now the insurance company (ALLSTATE) is being able to relieve itself from the responsiblities as FEMA paid flood insurance, which is government money, not Allstate money. It was just barely enough to pay the house off.
Please respond to me ASAP. I need help in the worst possible way.
Thank You,
Respectfully yours,
Charlotte L. Suiter
104 Bayview Street (Destroyed Disaster Property)
Pass Christian, MS. 39571
From: Carrie Franklin <carrie_39531@yahoo.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 15:04:52 -0800 (PST)
Subject: city hall
I am having trouble finding a fax # and address for the Pass Christian city hall. I was hoping you might
have this information handy. I need to send some paperwork for our debris removal, and I've been unable
to get in contact with anyone to obtain this information.
From: <ccampbel@fmi.com>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:31:28 -0600
We haven't been able to get any info lately and although we want to rebuild we are waiting to find out at what building elevation i.e. 15', 20' etc. it will have to be. I still think that with the type of water surge that went through the Pass I doubt if any height would have helped anyone save their home. After all, most of the time, the level of flooding isn't going to be 30 feet high - I hope we don't have to build tree houses because it would ruin the look of the area.
Carol and Dave Campbell
From: beachwalker98@juno.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 11:54:58 -0600
Chipper's report on the Feb. 7th City Council meeting was very informative, however he neglected one slightly important detail. Was the mayor in attendance? I think every report from now on should include that information.
Jessie Heitzmann
Chipper reported back that the Mayor and aldermen were present
From: "Huey Bang" <hueybang@cableone.net>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 07:50:22 -0600
Subject: alderman
Are you planning any trips back into town? I'm running to fill the Alderman seat and need 50 registered voters' signatures to get my name on the ballot, and while you're here, maybe you can pick up an absentee ballot. Thanks!!
Huey L. Bang, RMR, CRR
Fish-Man Reporting Services
Phone (228)452-4403
Fax (228)863-9410
e-mail: hueybang@cableone.net
From: Gabbyhaze1@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 22:57:04 EST
I don't know if you remember me but we sent you photos of our trips to Pass. T. J. Clark. I now have a web site and a radio show and have put a page for you guys there. If you would like to like me in I have a logo you can do it with. I will send along the logo if you want to make a link. Hope all is getting better. We are planning more trips in the future with more help.
I do a radio show once a week for an hour in Kansas City. If you have anyone who would be a good guest and tell of what is going on in your area I have a toll free number. I am on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 pm and you can hear it on www.1510.com and my web page I believe I sent to you www.gabbyhaze.com. Hope you have someone who could call in and talk. We need to remind people of the devisatation that happened down there.
T. J. Clark
aka Gabby Haze
From: "LESLIE" <leslie@ci.pass-christian.ms.us>
I have accepted another position with CSC out at Stennis Space Center. February 24, 2006 will be my last day with the City. If any information is needed from me, please let me know ASAP. It has been a joy getting to know each and everyone of you. I hope to keep in contact with all of you....
From: <niolets@bellsouth.net>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 12:30:31 -0500
Subject: I am now open
Dan, just a note that my accounting office is now open. I am located at the corner of St. Louis and Henderson with my wife, Dr. Jennifer Hendrick, of Live Oak Animal Hospital. She is now open, too.
Scott Niolet & Associates 228-304-1505
Live Oak Animal Hospital 228-452-4VET (4838)
From: "Robin Rafferty" <roraff@cableone.net>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 10:16:02 -0600
Tig Notaro of HBO Comedy Central's performance was awesome and she has organized "Operation Googsie" named for her aunt.
Tig's family owned and operated the Kern School on Scenic Drive in Pass Christian and she grew up
in Pass Christian. She raised approximately $10,000 to be distributed for the needs of Pass Christian. (All contributions came from comedians and friends in Los Angeles).
From: KRIKORIANC@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 21:06:50 EST
Subject: Re: Belmar, NJ and Sister city to Pass Christian
Thanks so much for your response. Belmar formerly adopted Pass Christian last September, with our First Aid Squad donating an ambulance in October and one of our residents delivered a truck full of goods and toys in mid-December. We are also having a fundraiser on Friday, February 24 called the Bel-Mardi-Gras. We intend to continue our efforts to help in any way we can. There are several newspaper articles from our local paper, The Coast Star, and I will get copies to you, if need be.
I have reached out to our Boro officials and sent our Boro Administrator your response. Hopefully, we can get on your Sister City list.
Our town on the New Jersey shore is very similar in many ways to The Pass and we feel a certain kinship with you all down there. We are a small town with approximately 6,000 residents and were amazed at the many similarities to The Pass. Our town's website is www.Belmar.com if you are interested in any information.
I'll be in touch again soon. Thanks again for your response.
Becky Krikorian
From: "Virgil and Mary Bettencourt" <vrbmcbcb@hotmail.com>
To: <Dan@PassChristian.Net>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 14:17:31 -0600
Subject: Many thanks for your web site - please include pictures of const. when it starts
I have called Pass Christian my home since 1985 (my ex husband was one of the founders of Triton Systems). I moved here by way of Coral Gables, FL and Dallas, TX and I was just so proud of what this area was doing and how growth was being handled. We had built a house on Woodland Way but it burned to the ground on Dec. 7, 03. The rebuilding process started summer of '05 and we had three months of work involved when the hurricane tore into it. Thank God we are ready and able to start the re-re-building process in the next several days if the weather holds. I am looking so forward to seeing others start getting their homes planned and rebuilt. I never thought I could get so excited each time I see a new construction site started or hear that another restaurant has opened. We now fight the traffic and go to Lookout 49 (no sunsets there) so I am totally looking forward to hearing about other restaurants coming to the Pass and Long Beach area. Thank you so much for keeping all of us posted on what is happening in our wounded but still beautiful little town.
Mary Wilem Bettencourt
From: Evelina Shmukler <evelina@mindspring.com>
To: Dan Ellis <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 12:45:59 -0500
Subject: sponsorship preparations!
Hi Dan,
So I think we're going to move ahead with sponsorships. The first issue to have "sponsors" (aka, advertising)
will be on Feb. 24, which I want to be a big, beautiful special issue for Mardi Gras. (are you coming to
town for Mardi Gras? I'll be in the Pass that weekend, and hopefully some of the following week)
As we move toward this, I wanted to see if the attached version of the newsletter is better for the web -- I used 14 point font instead of the print version's 11 point. I hope to make the online edition as clear as
possible since I'm hoping to have lots more readers soon...
From: KRIKORIANC@aol.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 10:00:35 EST
Subject: Belmar, NJ and Sister city to Pass Christian
Hello! My name is Becky Krikorian and I discovered your website through the Pass Christian's city site. Our town here in Belmar, New Jersey has adopted Pass Christian and has sent goods to the Salvation Army. Our contact there is Susan Murray.
We are having a Bel-Mardi-Gras fundraiser on Friday, February 24, 2006 to benefit the town and was wondering if we could also be listed as a sister city, with ongoing support. We intend to help out as much as we can and want to continue our efforts on your behalf.
Please let me know if this is possible to be included on the list and if you need any further information. Thanks for the information on the website - It's Great!!!
Look forward to hearing from you.
Becky Krikorian
From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 08:08:38 -0600
Credible sources say Oprah is going to be in PC, Tent City and Delisle Elem.
From: LunarCon@aol.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 09:45:37 EST
Sir, my name is David Pressler and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My company constructs hurricane proof homes. A home can be built to withstand enormous wind loads but you must think out of the box. Strength of a home comes from design and shape not necessarily materials used. My company builds what is called monolithic concrete construction where the entire house is one single concrete structure roof, walls down to the slab all tied together. It would be a shame to see the Gulf rebuild only to have another disaster destroy what had been built. If this email is of interest to anyone feel free to contact me.
From: "Joseph Gancars" <jgancars@earthlink.net>
To: "Dan" <danellis3@juno.com>, "James" <gammyjames@yahoo.com>,
"Eva" <evondolf3@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 11:41:41 -0500
From the Coquina Crossing bus tour group, Elkton, FL
How can we help? The usual comment in a gathering of Coquina Crossing's senior residents. Known throughout this north Florida area as a community of volunteers, these retired Americans, who collect and donate thousands of dollars, gifts and hours each year to needy charities, wanted in some way to help those distressed citizens of the Gulf Coast. Coquina Crossing has luckily dodged several hurricanes in the past few years -- and our residents feel blessed.
Jan Blaine, a former Diamondhead resident, was planning a bus tour to San Antonio with Coquina residents that passed through the devastated area, and was told by a former Diamondhead neighbor about the library devastation in Pass Christian. A few phone calls later, Jan had a location that needed help and asked residents to donate books that the bus tour group could bring to Pass Christian. Her Neighbors, the Coquina Library committee and the Hastings branch of the St. Johns County Library assembled several hundred books which were delivered to Pass Christian in late January and unloaded by the travelers.
Additionally Alan and Judy Wollenberg made a substantial cash donation to assist in the rebuilding effort. We hope to get a small group together later to return and help in the rebuilding effort.
We will sent pictures in the next few days.
From: Jennifer Cowley <cowley.11@osu.edu>
To: DeLisle:;
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 09:57:48 -0500
Subject: Next Town Hall Meeting March 20th at 6 pm
Hello all,
I would like to let you know that the next Town Hall Meeting for DeLisle is scheduled for Monday March 20th at 6 pm at the West Harrison Civic Center 4670 West Espy Avenue, Long Beach.
All community members with an interest in DeLisle are encouraged to attend. The focus of the meeting will be to bring the community together to discuss methods to implement the community plan that is currently under development.
Please mark your calendars and spread the word.
Jennifer Evans-Cowley, PhD, AICP
Assistant Professor and Planning Education at a Distance Program Director
City and Regional Planning
The Ohio State University
275 West Woodruff
Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 247-7479
From: Gazebo Gazette <pcgazebo@gmail.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:19:14 -0500
Subject: Fwd: Music in the Air - for Calendar
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Wilma Rizzardi <wilma@mscoastchamber.com>
Date: Jan 30, 2006 11:27 AM
Subject: Music in the Air - for Calendar
To: pcgazebo@gmail.com
Hi Evelina,
For the Gazebo Gazette (Please pass on to Dan Ellis as well). The Pass Christian Chamber of Commerce will hold its 5th Annual "Music in the Air" with the Theme – "The Tradition Continues" on Sunday, March 5th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Danielson, 849 East Scenic Drive, Pass Christian, featuring Pianist Brian Blair. Admission: $25.00 per person, benefiting the Pass Christian Education and Scholarship Awards. Reserve your tickets with Wilma Rizzardi at 228-604-0014 or send your check to: Pass Christian Chamber of Commerce, P. O. Box 307, Pass Christian, MS 39571.
Wilma Rizzardi
Executive Director
From: "Penthouse Owners Assoc" <poa1515@cableone.net>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 10:15:47 -0600
Subject: Help Please
We are trying to locate all of the condominium associations in the Pass Christian and Long Beach area. I received a call from Bob Charles from Shadows this morning and we were able to share some information that will be beneficial to each of us. He had obtained our phone number on your web-site. (Thanks once again).
Would you please post a message for us asking that all the condominium associations in the area please contact Becky Williams Penthouse Condominiums at 903-784-1909 or e-mail at poa1515@cableone.net.
We should have formed a network for information before the storm but it is never too late.
Thanks for all you do for our little city.
Becky Williams
From: "Thomas P. Lansing, Sr." <tlansin1@nycap.rr.com>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 10:53:19 -0500
Subject: Re: The aftermath of Katrina
Hello Dan,
It has been a long time since I have heard anything from you about the Pass. A former home of my family's, from November 1963, until October 1966.
I wish to take this time to thank you and all of those who have submitted photos, and information to your newsletter that was being sent to me. I really appreciate all that ya'll have done.
It has been a real heart wrenching thing for me to see the destruction, and devastation as the aftermath of this horrific storm that hit an area of this great country so very hard! As I looked at the pictures, and read the news, tears would well up in my eyes, as I remembered how wonderful the Pass was when we lived there, and how it looked in the satellite photos that I was able to retrieve online from NOAA. But I think that worst I ever saw was, the film footage from a reporter from WLBT in Jackson. His station was the only station that had ariel views of the destruction that occurred in Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis, and Long Beach areas. All of the news that we get up here in upstate NY, was what the major television networks put on, mostly about New Orleans.
Yes, it was also extremely sad to hear about those who were left to fend for themselves, with FEMA's delays in offering aid and assistance. But that was only a small part of sorrow that you felt. The loss of homes, families, schools, churches, like the Pass suffered should have been more of a concern than just New Orleans. As far as anyone up here knew, New Orleans was the only area that suffered the "most damage". From what I saw from WBLT, in Jackson and their reporter, Coyt the "Great Gulf Coast" suffered by far more that the City of New Orleans. But now, 5 months to the day, we, the residents of the Capital District of New York State, are finally hearing about the attempts being made to rebuild the Gulf Coast. In fact, in today's Daily Gazette, there is an article about how a local resident from the Town of Glenville, NY, has volunteered with a church mission to assist in the rebuilding of Biloxi.
Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down the damage suffered in New Orleans, and those people who were left clinging to the roofs of their homes, to be rescued and taken to the superdome where they were subjected to the squalor that they reported. But I do feel that, the Pass suffered, by far, more seriously then New Orleans did, and are still suffering with the lack of proper homes, that families have lived in for centuries, and the still slow processes that you and the residents of the Gulf Coast are still suffering.
My prayers are, and have been with all since this terrible storm, and I pray that everyone will return, and help to bring the Pass and the rest of the Gulf Coast back to it former grandeur.
May God Bless You, and the people of the Gulf Coast.
Thomas P. Lansing, Sr.
From: Wildmeez@aol.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 07:03:19 EST
Subject: Hurricane relief question, I need advice!
I was on business in Texas last week. My girlfriend and I drove through Pass Christian and the Gulf Shore to Biloxi on our drive home to Maryland and Delaware.
We are antique dealers. I have a daughter and grand children who have lived with me and are now moving to NC. They are packing for their move.
I was involved with American Red Cross for 12 years. I understand disaster relief. I know people need money and I don't have money to give. I do have things to donate.
I have tons of toys for ages up to 11 years old. Boys and girls. I have summer clothes for all ages, all sizes. Adult clothes too, all sizes from 12 to 24 women's. I have VCR tapes Disney and others for children and adults. I also have a ton of books. All in very good condition, nothing in bad condition.
I can get the things down to your area. I need to know who to contact. These things are free. I do not want these things to be sold by second hand shops or organizations for their profit. I can do that myself. I do want these items to go to people who need them. To daycare's, centers, schools or whomever needs these items. Once down there if the people want to sell these items that is okay. If I take these things to distribution centers here, you will never see them. They would be sold for profit here in this area.
I have had many vacations in your area and I would like to help. Please send me a contact list or forward my letter to the people who can help me, help them. No junk will be sent. Your area has enough to clean up and throw away!
Thank You!
Mimi Swaney
413 W Sunset Ave.
Greensboro, MD 21439
From: "Deacon Phil Fleming" <doq2@diocesequincy.org>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 19:44:04 -0600
Subject: Photos
I went to Pass Christian for 8 days in November, and for three days earlier this month, and took lots of photos, mainly of Trinity Church, Live Oak Cemetery, and the surrounding area.
In November, I helped wire Trinity Church for electricity and brought an altar for them to use.
In January I brought some other people in, who helped install altar rails and do work around the church.
We also, on both trips, brought books and school supplies to the PC schools at Delisle.
-- Phil
The Rev. Philip B. "Phil" Fleming, OSF
Deacon, The Episcopal Diocese of Quincy
Diocesan Disaster Response Coordinator
From: Jason T Hearn <jhearn20@student.scad.edu>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 22:34:45 -0500
Subject: Pass Christian
My name is Jason Hearn. I am a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. As a part of our Winter quarter architecture design studio, we are focusing on developing a community
center project for Pass Christian. We toured what is left of the town a couple of weeks ago. We are engaging in a site analysis project right now and are unable to find a pre-Katrina map of Pass Christian.
We are to study existing buildings within a 3 block radius of War Memorial Park. Would you happen to have any information or maps that could point us in the right direction? If, so I would greatly
appreciate if you could pass it along. Thank you in advance for your help and time.
Jason Hearn
From: "Jim Cerra" <Jim.Cerra@Halliburton.com>
To: <dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:29:21 -0600
Subject: couple of pictures Before and After Katrina photos
Steve Pickich sent me a link to your website and I have really enjoyed it. I was down a week after the storm and couldn’t believe what I saw. Since then I have been numerous times trying to get my dad’s house back together on 2nd street. He is in the process of having it rebuilt and should be ready in the next month or so.
Anyway, I have these pictures. I happened to take the pre-Katrina the summer before the storm. Growing up I had always loved the look of this house and I took a picture to show my wife because we considering moving a building a new home. This, I told her, is how I wanted our new home to look. I’m glad I took the picture. Wish I would have taken more.
I had my son with me fishing the Saturday before the storm at the harbor and told him to take a good look at the Pass because it probably would be changed on Monday. I wish I would have been wrong.
Keep up the good work,
Jim Cerra --- (Son of Major Jim Cerra)

From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 15:56:38 -0600
I’m happy to report that the BOY SCOUT TRAILER HAS BEEN RECOVERED!!! You may recall that this trailer was stolen from the Scout Master’s yard just before Thanksgiving. A police report was filed;
and word spread quickly to everyone in the community. Detective James Stewart, Pass Christian PD, reported that the trailer was found in good condition, and a warrant had been issued for the culprit. I can not wait to share the police report with you. We all need to know who the thieves are.
The Pass Christian Rotary Club is the Charter Sponsor of Troop 316; since the early 1930s. We are currently gathering resources and planning to rebuild the Scout Hut. The Scout Hut was located on the corner of Flietas and Second Street (where City Hall is now), and was destroyed by Katrina. We can use all of the help we can get to purchase building materials and supplies.
Best regards
Trey Campbell
From: "Wilma Rizzardi" <wilma@mscoastchamber.com>
To: <jwc@ccla.com>, "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 16:13:19 -0600
With so many people willing to help us financially, etc. I’ll bet we can get finances to purchase the building materials and supplies…maybe a grant can be written. DH Short has been doing a lot of recruiting of funds as well – I’ve had people from NH and CA contact me to make sure he and his requests were legitimate and I’ve assured them that I can vouch for him, for our Rotary and for our needs. If he’s getting funds from the many cities he’s been to, I’ll bet you’ll have to tell the City they’ve got to move because our Scout Hut is ready to be rebuilt on “Their” property!
Glad we’ve got our trailer back!!! (You may not know this, but I was a Trustee of that hut back in the ‘70’s – I was a Girl Scout Leader for 5 years!).
Take care,
From: "Tom Rose" <tcrose@ptd.net>
To: <Dan@PassChristian.Net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 13:00:39 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Subject: Web site suggestion
Hi Dan - I was in your area at Thanksgiving time working as a volunteer at God's Katrina Kitchen. I was there two weeks with my wife who was the cook (This was her second trip - she was there three weeks in October).
My suggestion to you is that maybe you would consider adding more about the kitchen and what is is doing for the community. Many faith-based organizations send volunteers to the area continuously, and use the kitchen as a place to get three square meals (other volunteers, military and police and local residence too). My wife and I continue to work to get more relief headed your way but have no measure of what, if anything, is happening at the kitchen or in the surrounding area (We can call people with a cell phone at the kitchen but it would help to generate more help if we can tell folks to visit your web site for updates).
My wife will be returning at the end of March with another group, hopefully from two different churches, to work at the kitchen and in your area.
I hope things are progressing for you and your neighbors and know that there are many who pray for you all every day.
Tom Rose

From: "Mrs. Angela McKinnon" <mrsmckinnon@earthlink.net>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 07:39:34 -0600 (GMT-06:00)
Subject: tent city
I heard about the tent city there and am so interested in helping. Our church has recently been assisting a church in Long Beach, but they are back on their feet. Please give me a name or a way to contact someone to find out more information. It must be so hard for those people to live like that after nearly 5 months. How many people are there and what would be their greatest need.
Thanks so much!
Melody Owens
From: "Denzil M. Bell" <dmbell1@verizon.net>
To: Bedford, Michigan volunteers
Recent contacts with the Pass indicate that they are still in need of :
Canned goods
Cleaning supplies
bottled Water - (the small 6-8 oz. bottles - for the schools)
New needs include:
Kids tennis shoes
Kids Jeans
Toasters, hand mixers, and other small kitchen appliances
and Bedding (especially queen sized)
Items can still be dropped off at the BBA Office on Lewis Ave.. and at the Library on Jackman Road.
Our next trip down will probably be the weekend of February 19th. So we have some time to collect the above items.
The Group has purchased 2,000 "Pass Bracelets" to sell to assist in fund raising to purchase some of the above items and to help pay for transportation (see picture attached.) The bracelets sell for $2.00 each and are currently available at Crary Drug, Bagel Bros., H&S Sports and Temperance Road Elementary. I'll add to the list where they are available as other locations develop.
If you or your group want bracelets to sell, let me know and I'll see that you get some.
We'll announce our next work bee as soon as we've collected enough supplies to warrant one.
Thanks for your support.
From: Jennifer Cowley <cowley.11@osu.edu>
To: DeLisle:;
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 09:08:40 -0500
Subject: Newsletter about Planning in DeLisle
Hello all, (NOTE: See New Web Page named DeLisle for Newsletter)
Attached is a copy of the Harrison County Planner newsletter. In this newsletter you will find an update about the results from the recent DeLisle Town Hall meeting.
We invite your continued participation in the planning process. Information on how to participate is included in this newsletter.
The next edition of the newsletter will be available by the first of March and will include a summary of the draft plan recommendations.
Please feel free to forward this message to others in the community that you believe would be interested in reading this newsletter. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (614) 247-7479 or
Jennifer Evans-Cowley, PhD, AICP
Assistant Professor and Planning Education at a Distance Program Director
City and Regional Planning
The Ohio State University
275 West Woodruff, Columbus, OH 43210
(614) 247-7479
From: "Lori Heying" <trader_58@hotmail.com>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:21:30 -0600
Subject: volunteer trip
Hello, we have a group of college students coming down to do volunteer work this coming weekend. The campus ministry director has arranged the trip and we will be staying at the Retreat House in Pass Christian. I guess I was just emailing to find out if you have any suggestions for us before we come down, i.e. things to bring, what to expect, etc.
We are coming from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Is there a grocery store open in Pass Christian? I read that the drinking water in the town is OK now.
Any thoughts you have, I would be interested in hearing.
Thanks much!
Lori Heying
From: "Lenny Betzer" <LBetzer@Kehoe-France.com>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:22:16 -0600
I guess I just need to blow off some steam about this. I built my home in Timber Ridge in 1989. I have all the papers required for the construction and to obtain home and flood insurance. I am going to rebuild my home in Timber Ridge. Is the city government going to make it easy for me. Absolutely not! My contractor was told I need an elevation survey . Well, I have an elevation survey taken of my property before I could build or get flood insurance. However, when my builder went with the "elevation survey", he was told he needed an "elevation certificate". Of course, my insurance company, who must have had it (I don't know why I didn't have a copy) doesn't keep records that far back. So , guess what I have to do? Right! I have to find a surveyor and pay to get an "elevation certificate"
Isn't that a crock? Pass Christian city government should be cheering that I'm even considering building back in their town. I might be wrong about this, but I'll bet Long Beach, Gulfport , and Biloxi city govenments are not requiring this.
Down, but not out!!
From: "Trey Campbell" <jwc@ccla.com>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 12:04:25 -0600
Subject: Pati Bannister Prints
To all who may have lost Pati Bannister Prints, there is a program to have them replaced at a minimal cost.
Williams Gallery
Attn: Nancy
1321 27th Avenue
Gulfport, MS 39501
From: Kevin_Cunningham@harvardpilgrim.org
To: Dan Ellis <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 15:18:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Updates
Thank you for the continuing updates; they are very, very welcome and encouraging!! The strength and
staying power of the residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are remarkable, and the eventual rewards will be pleasing for generations.
It is troubling, as several people have pointed out, that the Gulf Coast is constantly playing "second fiddle" to New Orleans. I'm not sure why that is, and you should know that the people I know, who I've made aware of your efforts, understand that the devastation wrought to Gulfport and Waveland and Bay St. Louis and all the other Mississippi communities is no less horrific than what befell New Orleans. We have directed our donations specifically to Mississippi-focused organizations.
Be well.
From: BigDDerbyCty@aol.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:11:16 EST
From: beachwalker98@juno.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:25:19 -0600
Subject: Gazebo Gazette
I just had to write and express my gratitude to Evelina for an excellent newsletter. It's not only very well written, but it provides all of the information one could possibly need. In these times when we've lost many of our avenues of local communication, this is an invaluable tool.
Thanks, Evelina. I wish you'd move to the Pass permanently. We need more like you.
From: "Aimee516" <Aimee516@jam.rr.com>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 07:38:28 -0600
Subject: Re: an email on your email page
Regarding your email page, the letter:
From: Marilyn1010@aol.com
Subject: Cell Phone Number Release
JUST A REMINDER... 31 days from today (email dated 1/5/06), cell phone numbers are being
this information has been ranging around the internet for almost 2 years that I know of - it is a hoax. See
I would think you would want to check these things before publishing them....... you can at Snopes.com
 From: Marilyn1010@aol.com
Subject: Cell Phone Number Release
JUST A REMINDER... 31 days from today (email dated 1/5/06), cell phone numbers are being
released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS... To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888/382-1222.
It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time. It blocks your number for five (5) years. PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS
I just called the number and you have to call from the number you want NOT LISTED (cell phone) or you can go on line and register. https://www.donotcall.gov/default.aspx
Note: See Contradiction in above email.
From: "Cindy Laatsch" <claatsch@cableone.net>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 11:32:55 -0600
Subject: Billy McDonald should resign
I agree with Jessie Heitzmann. Since McDonald refuses to do the honorable thing by resigning as "Mayor" of Pass Christian, we need to have a re-call election and put someone in as Mayor who will help our town, not just collect his unearned paycheck.
Another concerned citizen,
Cindy Laatsch
From: "Ondrea MVPD" <500ondrea@charter.net>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 09:44:25 -0500
Subject: Re: updates
Wanted to check in and see how everything was going? Making sure you guys didn't need anything? Hope your Christmas went well. If you need help with anything, let us know, we will try to see what we can do!
Happy New Year, and many blessings for the year.
Ondrea Murphy
Maggie Valley Police Department
From: beachwalker98@juno.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 23:08:22 -0600
Subject: Billy McDonal
Is there any way that the citizens of Pass Christian can recall Mayor McDonald? What would it take? He owes a debt of loyalty to those who voted for him in the last election, but he has failed us miserably. We are the ONLY city on the coast without a mayor to represent us. With all due respect to Malcolm Jones, who has done an admirable job, I'm sure this has held us back in our recovery.
There's no way that Mayor McDonald can use Katrina as an excuse for his lack of participation in leading this city. Long before Katrina, immediately after his reelection this year, Mayor McDonald stopped attending City Council meetings, using "sickness" as his excuse. If indeed he is ill, he should be man enough and care enough about his constituents to step down in favor of someone more able to lead this city at a time when leadership is so crucial.
Jessie Heitzmann
From: "Karen Clarke" <kclarke@mhg.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 15:45:47 -0600
Subject: Letters found in Timber Ridge
I have found numerous handwritten letters in my backyard, washed up from the storm. I have saved as many letters as I possibly can. I have recovered letters, cards and a thesis on an art related topic.
Our house is on Hackberry Drive (near the Henderson Avenue entrance). I hope to be able to reunite the letters to their owner.
Karen Clarke usa9696@cableone.net or kclarke@mhg.com
From: "Sharon Sofford" <Sharon.Sofford@jppss.k12.la.us>
To: <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 10:44:23 -0600
Subject: Re:
I did talk with the corp on Sat. They were in the process of demolishing a house on Bayview (Dr. Pepper's home). Joe, the leader, gave me the name and # of the contractor picking up debris. His name is Danny Ashbrit 954-553-1479. They pick up MOST of the debris but in their efforts busted a water pipe. He assured me it would be fixed, contacted my plumber and hired him to fix it. Additionally he assured me the debris would be totally cleared by Wed. I was very impressed with the efficient contractor. My neighbors, on the other hand, have received numerous calls from the Corp. re: house removal with no results. They say they are going to the property, no one shows up, then they get another call from someone else giving different information.
Firing the Corp seems like the best idea to help CLEAN UP the mess and help us feel like we CAN start over.
From: Shelley Penrod <sissy111870@yahoo.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 21:53:57 -0800 (PST)
Subject: KATRINA
From: Simoneauconstr@aol.com
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 21:00:49 EST
Subject: Hurricane clean up
I am trying to find the Prime contractors performing demolition and debris removal. I have all my equipment in Picayune, MS and would like to sub-contract to help with the clean up. Please send me any info you have. Thank you.
Alan J. Simoneau, Pres.
Simoneau Construction Company
4 Homestead Lane
Hudson, N.H. 03051
Office: (603)882-7121 Home: (603)880-8229 Cell: (603)765-3385 Fax: (603)882-3802
E-mail: SimoneauConstr@aol.com
Demolition, hauling, loading, excavating, grading, trenching, power sweeping. All equipment currently located in Picayune, MS, ready to work up to 1 year.
From: "style.list@juno.com" <style.list@juno.com>
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 02:33:46 GMT
Subject: pass library
Do you happend to have an email address for Sally James or someone else @ the Pass Library. Same ? for Pass Elem library in DeLisle?
We are in San Antonio, Scholastic has a big wharehouse here & next week is the "all $ 5.00 and under sale" and I want to get some books to donate & take when we go back in March.
But I'd like to get titles that they would prefer and not ones they aready have.
Many thanks - Martha Torres Braly
From: "Bill Revord" <wmrevord722@msn.com>
To: dan@Passchristian.net
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 21:59:55 -0600
Great site. Lt. Bill Revord, Iron Mountain , Michigan Police Dept. here, Am chairman of a twenty law enforcment agency effort Called "AMERICA UNITED CAMPAIGN" for Katrina relief . Originally formed in response to
9-11-01 and worked with NYPD's Emergency Services Unit providing tools and equipment to Ground Zero. Had boxed the program up until Katrina hit. Have updates would love to get on your site. Please provide a fax # that I can use to get them to you. Am in the Office here at Noon CST tomorrow and Sunday if you have any questions. 906-774-1234. would Love to talk with you.
Thanks...God Bless.
From: Anna Furr <annafurr@yahoo.com>
To: dan@passchristian.net
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 19:20:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: website
Just wanted to thank you for this site. It has been our best source for informtion about the Pass. Also,
a BIG thank you to Donald Moore. We appreciate, so much, all the hard work he has put in for our town.
Also, thank you, Donald, for the weekly memos about the council meetings.
Mark and Anna Furr
From: CaptRoyCS@aol.com
To: danellis3@juno.com
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 20:36:23 EST
Subject: taxes
Thanks for the info re taxes. We have to receive a tax bill so using the info you sent, I sent a e-mail off to David.
We are now back in Foley, AL after spending Thanksgiving in SC and Christmas in TX. Will travel to the Pass next week.
Hope all is going well with you.
Happy New Year!
Roy Stoddard
From: <Edwin.G.Bohannon@wellsfargo.com>
To: <dan@Passchristian.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:13:59 -0600
Subject: Problems with FEMA, SBA and Insurance.
I just wanted to vent a little…..Its been over four months now and the horrors of bureaucracy are catching up with me. FEMA defers to SBA, SBA defers to no one, insurance is stalled and nobody seems to care. Things sure would have been better for me if I had been from New Orleans. Seems they got all the attention.
So help me, if I have to hear from a FEMA or SBA official just how bad they have it, or how many phone calls they have to answer, I'm gonna jump off the nearest bridge. I am living in Austin, TX and watching all the New Orleans' "Refugees" receiving all kinds of aid and money. Texas has really taken a hit with the people who were bussed there. I have never seen anything like it. They REFUSE to do anything to help themselves!!!
My problem is that I have a job and do not want to live on the government dole. However, I do want the help that has been promised. I wrote to Sen. Lott but have not heard back. Am I the only one or do others have the same run-around with FEMA, SBA and Insurance companies?
Best regards,
Ed Bohannon
Timber Ridge owner (Still)
From: "Short Katherine" <Katherine.Short@HCAhealthcare.com>
To: <Dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 19:51:34 -0600
Subject: Rotary Update
First I would like to compliment you for starting such a great website and commend you for your continued work. I know how hard it is to maintain any normalcy.
There is a lot going on with Pass Christian Rotary that I would like to keep the community informed of. Not everyone attends the weekly meetings and communication is difficult. The officers that are on the link need to be updated. How do we do that?? Also, I would like to give you a weekly report after our meetings. DH is traveling statewide soliciting donations for Pass Christian and has been very successful. Dayton Robinson headed the Doll and Toy Fund and we would like to report on that also. We have building supplies on the way for our town....etc.
Anyway, I need some instruction! I will be out of town until Sunday but please let me know how to get the information to you and also how to update our site.
Kathie Short
From: "Cindy Scioneaux" <cnoinc@rtconline.com>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:40:37 -0600
Subject: Re: Katrina
Is there any video footage that indicates that high winds preceded the surge. I am in need of this information to fight my insurance company.
Also, can anyone give us advise regarding property taxes. We just received our bill which quadrupled in rates. HELP!
Please advise.
Cindy & Mike Scioneaux
120 Sweetbay Drive
From: "Stephen D Klyce, PhD" <sklyce@klyce.com>
To: Dan Ellis <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 17:08:02 -0600
Subject: Re: Property Tax Payments
Thanks for the information. By the way, Louisiana has given its parishes affected by the storms, several options regarding real estate tax payments. Pay full value as of 1/1/2005, pay pro-rated value (pre- and post-storm: many homes completely gone in Harrison County), and pay nothing, tax forgiven for 2005. Seems to me a
pro-rated payment would be fairest given the fact that so many homesteaders have lost so much.
Could you post this query if you have no information on the Mississippi counties
Steve Klyce
From: Vlsawea@aol.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:02:09 EST
From: "Rimmer Covington" <rimmer@covingtonassociates.net>
To: "'Dan Ellis'" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 12:53:45 -0600
And blessings to you Dan. I cannot wait to sit or stand and have a drink with you.
Things I took for granted have new meaning.
From: "LESLIE" <leslie@ci.pass-christian.ms.us>
To: "Dan Ellis" <danellis3@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 14:06:15 -0600
Subject: Re: Florence - Pass Christian Website Updated
Sorry in the delay of getting back to you on this...The reason was that the check from Florence Katrina Relief Fund ($8,339.00) didn't come to me...It went to the Deputy City Clerk who depsosited it into the general fund. All is okay though...I'll just have to do a check to the City of Pass Christian Recovery Programs Inc
From: <jwobriant@bellsouth.net>
To: <dan@passchristian.net>
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 18:50:48 -0500
Subject: Holy Family Parish...St Paul & OLL
Can you post an announcement for members of Holy Family Parish...aka St Paul and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Churches. There will be a special mass on Sunday, Jan. 8, at 10 am at St Paul Catholic church's shell. Then the new parish will go to Our Lady of Lourdes for a potluck lunch. The Knights of Columbus will be frying turkeys and everyone is asked to bring a dish to share. Father Dennis has made arrangements for a heated tent for the lunch where we will say goodbye to Father Thadeus who has served OLL for many years. People can contact the Parish office , 208 E 2nd (former location of Damascus House) at 228-452-4686 if they have any questions. Thanks Julie O'Briant
From: LOUISLRP@aol.com
To: Dan@PassChristian.Net
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 13:34:27 EST
Subject: Greetings
Greetings and my best wishes to you and your family. We all regret the devastation wrought on Pass Christian by the Hurricane. In spite of everything, I do hope that you and your family had a nice Christmas holiday and I furvently hope and pray that welcoming the New Year you will experience better things ahead. I appreciate all of the good things you said about me on the internet and I think about you often and all the good people that I knew in Pass Christian. I was happy to note that you said that I communicated with the people back home often. Whenever I can -- I look forward to continue and maintain that communication.
Again, I wish for you and all, the best and I look forward to continue to hear from you. Thanks for keeping me informed and for always, you have my best wishes.
Sincerely yours,
Louis R. Perkins